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Southern California Snow Day?

It's been a while since I've made a post, defintley got to work on posting more regularly!

Anyway, California finally got a brutal storm through the last couple day, rain, snow, and hail. In Southern California, you hear that right. So being an adrenaline junkie as well as an adventure photographer, this was a godsend.  The second the rain ended, I headed straight to the mountains with fellow photographer Prangon (by the way check out the kids work, it's fucking awesome, seriously. IG: @prangonbaroi) 

With morning sunlight pouring into the valley heading towards the mountains, we knew this was gonna be a good day.

We arrived and were greeted by California Highway Patrol blocking the highway, checking for snow chains. Which we had neither, but we had "4 wheel drive and snow tires" (or so we told them) However, once were up there, we realized how gnarly the weather was, it was nothing but ice covered roads, and brutal road conditions, which my little front wheel drive German hatchback took like a champ, surprisingly.

We found a turnout, parked, and loaded up. Snow shoes, jacket, and beanie provided by Poler Stuff, with the camera bag provided by EVOC.

We hiked up the ice covered road until we saw a climb up to a summit, ready for a challenge, we gave it a shot. In knee deep snow, we used broken tree branches as ice picks to climb up to what was essentially a near cliffside. We continued this for quite sometime before we managed to summit the ridgeline, which as you can see in the photos, proved to be worth it...

Eli Pedraza