Photo / Video / Creative Direction




As a kid I was always exploring, creating, and getting myself into trouble. In high school I found that I loved photography, then videography, and with my entrepreneurial spirit I made it a business. Then it happened. In school everyone knew me as the kid who was always traveling, taking photos in crazy places, and most importantly: chasing a dream.

I've been lucky enough to have traveled around the world and tell my story with images.


 By the age of 17 I had chased wildfires in California, hung off 50 story skyscrapers in New York, told the story of the beautiful streets of Geneva, shot bike races in Barcelona, photographed the streets of Istanbul, and immersed myself into surf cities in Mexico. 

I work alongside all creators and love bringing peoples visions to life. I am driven, I love the process, I tell the story no matter what it takes.

- Eli